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With CD World you can shop direct from home without the visiting the shop. We provide a good shipping experience to your door with the low shipping fee. One you send us the order our team will contact you for confirmation and your address detail.

Let see how our simple shipping process work, If you live in Phnom Penh: Your order will delivery to your location few hours after you confirmed your order. And you can pay us once we reached you. Or you can pick up your order at our location at anytime that convenience for you. For Digital Products will will send direct to your email once the payment is confirm.

Living in Province? Don’t worry we still delivery over to your place. You pay the transferring fee We pay the shipping fee. One you confirmed your order please send us the payment via eMoney, Wing, TrueMoney or Bank transfer after we received your payment will ship your order the day after by Bus or Taxi or let us know if you have any other shipping agent. For International shipping please contact us through email or by the Facebook Chat box below with the item your order. Our team will calculate the cost for your order.

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H/P : 012 688 912 / 093 402 222
For inquire please call or message via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and Line

Our Office:

CD World
Borey New World #17a, Street 5, Sangkat Krang Angkrang, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: 012 688 912


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    Find any license applications that help you growth your business. All latest application from Microsoft products, Intuit QuickBooks, Adobe and many other applications are here just for you.
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    competitive price for all digital code product and services compatible for all account version including Playstation, X-Box, iTune, Amazon, Nintendo, Stream, Netflix and many more...
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    Best Vinyl Records store in Phnom Penh. Explore more on our website to get your favorite Vinyl/LP and Audio CD album from other part of the World. Many great collection from modern to classic. Founded since 1996 CD World was one of the oldest record store in Phnom Penh.