Dengue Fever Presents: Electric Cambodia LP


DENGUE FEVER curated this compilation of original Cambodian classics from the 1960’s featuring artists like Ros Sereysothea and Pan Ron.

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The band Dengue Fever have managed to build a career out of their obsession with Cambodian pop music of the 1960s and ’70s, and with this compilation, they’ve generously allowed fans to sample their treasure trove of rare recordings, rescued from battered cassettes brought back from visits to Southeast Asia. The music on Electric Cambodia: 14 Rare Gems from Cambodia’s Past more closely walks a middle ground between the distinct melodic and vocal style of traditional Cambodian music and the insistent rhythms and electric instrumentation of Western pop and rock; instead of suggesting Asian folk music with some American pop added to the mix, these tunes tend to offer a more equal fusion of the two styles, and the creative and cultural mashups result in some inspired combinations. Highlights include the bright, kinetic sound of Ros Sereysothea’s “I Want to Shout” (complete with a killer guitar solo), the assured R&B shuffle of “Shave Your Beard” from the same act, “Give Me One Kiss” by Dara Chom Chan, which recalls an Asian girl group backed by a ska band, and several cuts from Pan Ron, including the polished but driving garage rock of “Don’t Speak,” some heavily rhythmic psychedelia with “Jombang Jet,” an appropriately melodramatic cover of Sonny Bono’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” dubbed “Snaeha,” and an untitled number that features some deadly fuzztone riffs Link Wray would admire. Source: AllMusic


A1 Dara Chom Chan – Give Me One Kiss
A2 Pan Ron* – Don’t Speak
A3 Pan Ron* – Jombang Jet
A4 Ros Sereysothea*– Flowers In The Pond
A5 Ros Sereysothea*– Shave Your Beard
A6 Pan Ron* – I Will Marry You
B1 Pan Ron* – I Want To Be Your Lover
B2 Ros Sereysothea*– I Want To Shout
B3 Pan Ron* – Snaeha
B4 Ros Sereysothea*– I Will Starve Myself To Death
B5 Pan Ron* – Unknown Title
B6 Ros Sereysothea*– Cold Sky

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