Hod Na hiaw 966 (2009)


Pachara Chirathivat, Walanlak Kumsuwan, Piak Poster, Thai, Khmer Dubbed

Save for Later
Save for Later
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Former Mafia boss Song gets out of jail and wants to get revenge on one of his gang members, Tai, who married the woman that he loved 20 years ago. The woman is dead now, but her daughter from the marriage to Tai, Thip, is now a young girl in a music group who is having problems with her father. Song and two of his gang look everywhere for Tai, involving many people, including a monk who lost his way to the temple; Song’s former gang member Mongkhon; local gangster Piek, a friend of Tai; and Thip’s boyfriend Oe. Eventually they discover that things weren’t as they thought.

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